Portable Storage Container & Dumpster Restrictions

Portable temporary storage units (such as containers provided by PODS, Smart Boxes, or other similar moving and storage companies for the storage of personal property) or temporary construction dumpsters will be permitted under the following conditions:

  1. The temporary storage unit and/or dumpster will be allowed within the community for 7 (seven) days.
  2. Temporary storage units and temporary dumpsters may only be placed in a resident’s driveway. They are not allowed on the street. Only 1 storage unit and 1 dumpster per home will be permitted.
  3. Homeowner is responsible for the cost and repair of any damage caused by the placement, storage and/or removal of such a unit to any common property and areas, which includes parking lots and/or homeowner property.
  4. Homeowner is responsible for providing prior written notice to the Board of Directors via the Community Group (management company) by supplying the dates of the use of the storage unit or dumpster.
  5. The length of time needed for the portable storage unit and dumpster may be extended through communication with the management company. Additional time may be granted for extenuating circumstances. The Board of Directors reserves the right to grant additional time as determined on a case-by-case basis.

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