Mailbox Requirements

  • Boxes must have a dark hunter green gloss finish and the wood posts must be painted with white gloss paint.
  • Numbers must be raised and painted dark hunter green to match box.
  • Rust-Oleum Dark Hunter Green Gloss color matches best.
  • Vinyl wood conversion is also acceptable.
  • Should you need to purchase a new mailbox here is a link to a HOA approved green box at Home Depot. Item is the Gibraltar E1600G00 Elite Series Large Green Mailbox. (You can also search places like and for item number above.)
  • John Romano (Hawkins Wood Resident) offers vinyl replacement. His number is 379.1238This is not an endorsement by the HOA, rather just a resource that are available.
  • Numbers: You can get at hardware stores but probably will need to paint green.


Section 2.5 Landscaping Accessories

MAILBOXES: (See Illustration 2.5.1 in Appendix A).
Mailboxes must be installed utilizing the standard

The Grove post and the approved size box. Boxes shall be metal with a gloss Dark Hunter Green finish.

Specified wood posts shall be painted with gloss white paint. Numbers shall be raised and painted gloss Dark Hunter Green to match box. Mailbox post and the paper box may be white vinyl PVC. Grove post dimensions 5 to 6 feet tall, 4 inches wide. Sides of paper box are ¾ thick, 7 ¼ inches from top to bottom, top of the side is 23 inches long and the bottom is 21 inches long.