Scotter Hills/Ridgemoor Townhouse Association

In addition to falling under the Grove HOA, Scotter Hills & Ridgemoor also have their own association that manages those two communities within the Grove.

The manager is:
Lesley Reed, 804-273-1333
Stellar Community Management, LLC.
Emergency After Hours for Scotter Hills or Ridgemoor only, 804-929-3355

Scotter Hills/Ridgemoor Board of Directors:
President: Kathy Morris

Vice President: Lyle Sutherland
Secretary: Sandy Sneade
Treasurer: Sylvia Warner
Member at Large: Alvin Tinsley



Both communities must pay dues to both the Grove HOA and the Scotter Hills/Ridgemoor Towhhouse Association.

In addition to the disclosure book required by the Grove, a Ridgemoor/Scotter Hills Association disclosure book is also required.  The price is $320.