Clubhouse Rules

Rules for the use of The Grove Clubhouse

by Owners

Rental Agreement (PDF)


1.  Fee:  Each Grove owner renting The Grove Clubhouse will sign a rental agreement and release prior to renting the Clubhouse.  The rental fee is payable in advance.


2.  Rental Fee: A rental fee must be paid in advance by the renter.  The fee is $100.00 for 6 hours, and $5.00 for each additional hour.  No prorations are available.


3. Alcoholic beverages:  Alcoholic beverages may not be served to minors or intoxicated persons at the Common Area.  Under Virginia law, a host of any social event or business function where alcoholic beverages are served may be personally liable for any property damage, personal injuries, or loss of life resulting in whole or in part from the host’s negligence in allowing any intoxicated guest or attendee to be served alcohol.  Such liability may include harm to the intoxicated individual himself and also to total strangers involved in automobile accidents, etc. caused by that intoxicated individual.


4. Smoking: No smoking is permitted within the clubhouse at any time.


5. Assessments current:  The Clubhouse is not available for rental to any resident if The Gove Annual Assessments and other sums due the Association by that resident are not current.


6. Owner as host:   Only (1) owner or (2) immediate family members of owners may reserve the Clubhouse. The Grove owner must be present at all times at the function for which the Clubhouse is rented and must be the primary hose of the event. Owners may not reserve the area on behalf of a third party.


7. Pool: The pool area is separate from the Clubhouse and may not be rented.  There should be no guest traffic on pool decks.


8. Music: Music, and/or any other noise, must be kept at a level that it cannot be heard in the surrounding homes in the area.  The renter of the Clubhouse will be responsible for seeing that there are no loud noises from the guests either coming to or leaving the function at the Clubhouse.


9. Damage: The Grove homeowner will be responsible for the repair or replacement of any damage done to the Clubhouse, or its furniture, equipment, or window coverings.  Nothing may be taped to the windows, doors or walls.


10. Key return:  The key for the Clubhouse will be returned to the person from whom it was checked out by the next morning after a function at the Clubhouse.  Failure to return the key within 24 hours after the end of the function will result in a $25.00 key assessment (this includes lost keys).


11. Clean up of Clubhouse:  The Grove homeowner who rents the Clubhouse will be responsible for cleaning the Clubhouse, the rest rooms and any other area used, including all equipment and furniture, immediately after the function ends.  Cleaning includes vacuuming or damp mopping the floor as needed, and wiping down the counter tops, tables and chairs.  The renter will also be responsible for placing all trash in the containers outside the kitchen doors.


12. Assumption of risk:  The Grove owner will assume full responsibility for any and all accidents or claims that may arise as a result of any accident or for any other reason in connection with the function or lease of the Clubhouse by the owner and said owner shall agree to the hold harmless and indemnity provisions contained in the Rental Agreement to which these rules are attached.


13. Heat/AC:  Heat and/or air conditioning must be returned to the original setting and lights are to be turned off by The Grove resident when the function is over.


14. Lock doors: The Grove owner will lock the doors when the function is over and at any time the Clubhouse is unoccupied.


15. City codes:  All applicable city and fire codes apply.


16. Occupancy limit:  The maximum occupancy for the Clubhouse is 150.


17. Violation:  Violations of these rules will be determined by the Board in their sole discretion.  Violations to clubhouse rules and policies are addressed on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors.  Members of the Board will decide if a violation has occurred hearing from the person(s) claiming the violation, the homeowner who rented the Clubhouse, and any other relevant people.  Residents concerned about a possible violation in progress are instructed to contact the police.  For a 1st offense, consequences to the renter may include forfeiture of the $75 deposit and a 6 month waiting period before being able to rent again.  For a 2nd offense, forfeiture of the deposit and a 1 year waiting period.


18. Cleaning fee: In addition to the rental fee, a $75.00 security fee will be assessed to the renting homeowner if the Clubhouse is not left in a clean condition.  The Clubhouse Coordinator or Board Member has the authority to determine if clean up meets specifications and has final say.


19. Hours:  All functions must end by 10:00 p.m. on weeknights and by 12:00 am on Friday or Saturday nights.


20. Deposit: Two checks will be submitted for the clubhouse rental.  A $75.00 security deposit check, to be returned to the homeowner if the Clubhouse is left in clean condition and the key is returned within 24 hours, and the appropriate rental fee that will be submitted to the Grove Homeowners Association.


21. Grove Committee Use: Grove Committees with less than 10 participants attending will be asked to changed scheduled date if a resident would like to rent the Clubhouse.


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